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92 Alpha Performance and Styling
Detail: Glen Schild provides a clear path to very significant speed imporovments using Alpha, either on the standard server or Alpha Cloud. The second half of the presentation is on styling your application using standard Alpha CSS along with "tweaks".
Author: Glen Schild
08/18/2023 53 14
91 Session 4 - Design and Build a Web Application - a group effort
Detail: Design and Build a Web Application - a group effort
08/05/2022 60 22
90 Session 3 - Design and Build a Web Application - a group effort
Detail: Design and Build a Web Application - a group effort
07/29/2022 51 20
88 Session 2 - Design and Build a Web Application - a group effort
Detail: Design and Build a Web Application - a group effort
07/22/2022 84 12
89 Session 1 - Design and Build a Web Application - a group effort
Detail: Design and Build a Web Application - a group effort
07/15/2022 56 11
87 Xbasic for SQL
  • Running API to move data on schedule, using Xbasic
  • Alpha Cloud considerations
  • Standard SQL queries
  • Making dropdowns from sql query
  • Using query.toString and xbasic to build a dropdown list

Presenter(s): Steve Wood, Glen Schild, Pat Bremkamp, Jay Talbot
05/20/2022   16
86 Xbasic programming language

Lee Vasic on the Xbasic programming language

Joe Chasko on complex xbasic data processing

Carol King on xbasic for multiple-client accounting

Jay Talbot on xbasic for the YouTube API

  • arguments
  • sql
  • debugging
  • the all encompassing "e" variable
  • using the component information form
  • using security groups
  • xbasic fundamentals
  • functions
  • getting application and server information
  • getting last login date
  • using panels, etc.
  • passing Javascript from xbasic
  • Using the Extended User Table
  • One vs multiple databases per client
  • Trapping null and other errors
  • using the YouTube API to grab video information
05/13/2022   14
85 List Component
Detail: Main toipics:
  1. How to use the List to show parent, child, detail and perform CRUD operations so the change is tied to the Parent. Solution using two List components tied as Parent / Child.
  2. Various UX designs
  3. Data-driven websites using Alpha

Presenter(s): Lee Vasic, Selwyn Rabins, Glen Schild
05/06/2022   15
84 Dropdown Features
Detail: Dropdown Features
Author: Lee Vasic
04/29/2022 73 12
83 Git Integration with Alpha Anywhere
Detail: Git Integration with Alpha Anywhere
Author: Glen Schild
04/22/2022 71 11
81 Various topics
Detail: HTML Headers, Control Bar, Button List, Universal Javascript Library (Jay), Expanding Menus
Author: Jay Talbott, Selwyn Rabins
04/15/2022 58 13
80 Multi-Tenant Application Design
Detail: Multi Tenant : Multi-tenancy means that a single instance of the software and its supporting infrastructure serves multiple customers. Each customer shares the software application and also shares a single database. Each tenant data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants.
Author: Lee Vasic
04/08/2022 83 10
82 Latest Alpha Anywhere Release 4/2022
Detail: Latest Alpha Anywhere Release 4/2022
04/01/2022 60 8
77 Application Prototyping using MS Access

For the client, prototyping creates an expecation that something will be done, and a belief that what is presented will be delivered.

Contents: Definitions, Why prototype, What is prototyping, Types of prototyping, Levels of fidelity, Prototyping steps, Exclusionary method, Prototyping tools, Advantages/Disadvantages, Collaboration, Q&A

Author: David Wiley
01/28/2022 51 7
78 Microsoft Dataverse

Microsoft Dataverse plus Business Analysis using Access

Topic1: What is Dataverse, Microsoft Power Platform, Data Connectors, Data verse Family, Why use Dataverse, Metadata, Power BI, Logic and Validation, Productivity Tools, Security, Tools, Reporting, Getting Dataverse, Alpha and Dataverse, Controlling Costs

Topic 2: Business Analysis using Access

Author: David Wiley
01/21/2022 34 6
79 Glen Schild on Data Structure for Reports (a complex example)
Detail: Data Structure for Reports (a complex example). Plus Transform, Stored Procedures, Conditional Objects in Reports and more.
Author: Glen Schild
01/14/2022 34 5
71 About Functions, and more
  • Using Security Functions for security, login and user information.
  • How to set security in debug mode, using Live and Working Preview.
  • Using Security Extended User feature.
  • Using the xbasic Debugger.
  • Using the Function Library (very useful).
  • Varioius functions for Time, Charactor, Numbers, etc.
  • Favorite functions.
  • Also, Alpha's built-in Context Sensitive Help builder.
07/02/2021 60 20
70 What do we love about Alpha Anywhere
  • What we love about Alpha Anywhere?
  • Plus, review the new features of the IDE plus advanced developer notes on using Alpha Anywhere to build applications.

Presenter(s): Team
06/25/2021 82 11
72 Client-side Events
  • What are events?
  • Where do we find them, apply code, test, etc?
  • Several application examples.
  • Advanced Message Box.
  • New Reposity feature using JavaScript.
06/04/2021 42 11
73 Server-side Events
  • Basics.
  • User Registration example.
  • Using List Control to minimize server-side database calls.
  • Using hidden List Controls.
  • Using the Extended User ID.
  • Select-row example.
05/28/2021 42 8
74 CRUD - Create, Read, Update, Delete
  • Complete CRUD example.
  • Data binding.
  • Advanced questions.
  • Soft delete.
  • Action variables.
  • Active vs transactions.
  • Use of Layout to simplify.
  • Local CSS.
05/21/2021 60 19
75 The UX Control Bar
  • Discussion on Alpha Cloud/IIS.
  • General discusison on the UX Control Bar.
  • Details and examples.
  • About Watch Statements.
  • About Dynamic Panels.
  • Additional Control Bar examples.
05/14/2021 55 11
76 About Reports
  • Concatenate multiple reports.
  • Updated Alpha printer driver.
  • Control report color, filter, fonts, etc via buttons and arguments.
  • Using a DIV to display a report.
  • Details, arguments, functions.
  • Using images in reports.
  • Sub-reports.
  • Conditional objects.
  • What if no records?
  • a slipped in discssion on SQL Injection.
05/07/2021 64 13
69 Jay Talbott on the Xbasic Programming Language
Detail: What is Xbasic, where it is used, how is it different from JavaScript. Using the Xbasic Debugger, Examples, finding additional help, stored procedures, using the code library.
Author: Jay Talbott
03/12/2021   18
68 Sean O'Kelly on Disconnected Applications
Detail: Forms, airplane mode, server-side filter, sync process, lookup lists, list storage, logs, rendering, embedded objects, dynamic data, form view, pausing, repeat data, report template, mobile app example, activating tabs, setting coordinates, using delays, detecting connection, determine bandwidth, thumbnails, user-friendly design.
Author: Sean O'Kelly
03/05/2021 55 17
67 New Calendar Control and Inserting Records in Parent-Child tables
Detail: Using the new Alpha Calendar Control (still in beta at time of this webinar). Also using the debug command to watch code actions, Glen on inserting records with parent-child tables.
Author: Lee Vasic
02/26/2021   13
66 Sean O'Kelly on UX Panels
Detail: Discusison about database views, UX Panels, good advice on containers, how to use the Quick Setup Genie, tricks: how to allow 'finger scroll' on mobile, problem with using containers and List with 'touch', effectively using containers, 'fill container' vs sizing a List Control, About Panel Navigator - Navigator Types, creating buttons for panel cards, auto generate tabBands, auto generate tabButtons, styles to use for mobile vs web, tabbed ui for mobile.
Author: Sean O'Kelly
02/19/2021   23
65 Lee Vasic on the UX List Control
Detail: Lee shows several concept projects using the UX List Control
Author: Lee Vasic
02/12/2021 66 27
56 Overview of the UX List Control
Author: Glen Schild
02/05/2021 65 28
54 User Experience & User Intrerface (UX/UI)
Detail: Presented by a guest speaker
Presenter(s): Kyle Kelley
01/29/2021 50 18
55 Various Topics
Detail: Publishing Speed issue, Discussion on Alpha Cloud/IIS, Trick when running multiple reports to a DIV, Text positioning on labels, how to use A5W_Info, Using List vs Repeating Rows
01/22/2021 50 11
58 Various topics
Detail: Understanding the onDialogInitialize event, arguments, session vars, A5w_Info page, page security, about Alpha IIS and Microsoft Active Directory for login, Cloud Active Directrory vs On Prem Active Directory, cost of Alpha licenses, Alpha Cloud, Mobile Apps with in-App Payment options (no response), show/hide using IP Address, server-side show/hide, showcase of graphs in the UX, how to add charts, the UX ViewBox,
01/15/2021 42 12
59 Various Topics, Developer Showcases
Detail: TabbedUI and fixing 'outdated' style, IADN beyond 'just Alpha', Alpha Cloud discussion, mobile app demo, error discussion.
01/08/2021 31 11
60 Various Topics
Detail: The new PDF Generator, freeform reports issue, Glen Schild showing report generation 'on the fly', moving Excel to SQL database, problem getting data from table on iPad, scrollbars, file upload issue on mobile, about 'Dashboards', bye for the year.
12/18/2020 50 12
61 Various Topics
Detail: Friendly banter about family and Covid realities, UX LIst In-Place Editing, several debugging exercises, Lee on more in-place editing, Lee on fixed left column, Lee on selective row CRUD control.
12/11/2020 80 5
62 A presentation by Start Software
Detail: A presentation by the team at Start Software, also benefits of the product PivotalTracker.
Presenter(s): Start Software
12/04/2020 60 6
63 Various Topics
Detail: Discussion with MariaDB reps (how it handles CPU, performance, migration, MaxScale, etc), Jay Talbott on List Control with alternative to slow performance 'native checkbox', Glen Schild on using Lookup fields, lookups in offline-mobile discussion, Glen Schild on using xbasic to populate List Controls.
Author: Glen Schild
11/20/2020 60 4
64 Sean O'Kelly on a Database discussion
Detail: Open discussion on database, Sean O'Kelly on database and conversions, Glen Schild on temp tables and queries in Navicat
Author: Sean O'Kelly
11/13/2020 61 3
53 MariaDB Presentation
Detail: SkySQL, database workloads, infrastructure, etc
Presenter(s): MariaDB Team
11/06/2020 50 8
52 Dynamic Masking and Managing a Complex Database Application
Presenter(s): Doron Farber
Author's website
07/10/2020 13 17
51 Dynamic Reports with Stored Procedures
Presenter(s): Doron Farber
Author's website
07/03/2020 47 22
49 Using SQL in Alpha Anywhere
Author: Glen Schild
06/19/2020 38 17
50 Using Stored Procedures
Author: Jay Talbott
06/19/2020 20 15
48 Mobile Shopping Cart with Stripe Integration
Author: Sean O'Kelly
04/24/2020 22 12
46 Using Alpha Transform with Alpha Anywhere
Detail: Using Alpha Transform with Alpha Anywhere
Author: Glen Schild
04/11/2020 60 18
45 Application Showcase
Detail: Agency Data by Lee Vasic
Author: Lee Vasic
04/03/2020 90 45
43 Interview with Richard Rabins
Detail: Personal and Company History, Alpha Portfolio (Alpha Anywhere and Transform), Developer Opportunity
Author: Richard Rabins
04/05/2019 53 71
44 Managing Alpha-based Enterprise-level Applications
Detail: Panel Discussion with developers and administrators of high-usage, enterprise-level applications using Alpha Anywhere
Author: Panel
04/05/2019 60 25
42 Application Showcases
Detail: Showcases by Lee Vasic, Mitch Katz, Tom Brondolo, Nigel Goodliffe, David McGrew MD, Graeme Smith
Author: Various
03/08/2019 62 44
41 Tracie and Jay Oken on SaaS Considerations
Detail: Tracie and Jay Oken have built a successful SaaS business from inception to company sale
Author: Tracie and Jay Oken
03/01/2019 47 23
40 Glen Schild on a new TabbedUI-based Style Template
Detail: Glen shows his recent Application Framework and how to use Component Library and Templates, xbasic and js libraries, css styling and third party products to maintain consistency between his many applications.
Author: Glen Schild
02/22/2019 38 82
39 Quickbooks Integration with Alpha Anywhere
Detail: How to integrate Alpha Anywhere with Quickbooks, where to find the ODBC driver, etc.
Author: Al Buchholz
02/08/2019 30 29
38 Alpha Web Application Showcase - AFS Dealers
Detail: A very organized and effecient, enterprise level Alpha web application
Author: Virginia Witter
02/01/2019 60 57
36 Mobile Topics - December 2018
Detail: Panel Cards, Panel Navigator, List Component and different ways to embed components in a mobile app
Author: Steve Wood
12/07/2018 38 34
37 Alpha Web Server Configuration and Discussion
Detail: Alpha Web Server basic configuration, SSL Setup, Load Balancer, Logs and Log Analysis, Folder Structure
Author: Steve Wood
04/27/2018 50 76
30 Review of Alpha Software's new Transform Product
Detail: Dave provides a detailed review of Alpha's new product called Transform. This product is designed for online data-capture. We have a solid Q&A session following the review.
Author: Dave McCormick
04/20/2018 46 40
29 Using Video to Communicate
Detail: Michael is a professional video producer focusing motly on promtional and edicational video
Author: Michael Wood
04/06/2018 37 20
26 Tying the List Control to a ViewBox Control
Detail: Glen shows how to use the ViewBox to tie to records in the List Control using an Email example.
Author: Glen Schild
03/23/2018 7 43
27 A detailed ViewBox example
Detail: This is a detailed example of a ViewBox solution followed by a tour back through the ViewBox to see every element.
Author: Rich Fulham
03/23/2018 16 47
28 ViewBox used in Risk Assessment
Detail: Bob shows how to use a ViewBox to create a 'matrix of buttons' used in a risk assessment application.
Author: Bob Beadell
03/23/2018 3 23
31 Alpha Application on a Load Balancer
Detail: Steve shows how a home grown load balancer saves the day
Author: Steve Wood
02/23/2018 12 16
25 Using UX Panels inside a traditional TabbedUI
Detail: Glen Schild shows how to use UX Panels inside a traditional web TabbedUI
Author: Glen Schild
02/09/2018 50 51
35 Alpha Anywhere DisconnectedMobile App
Detail: A detailed view of a disconnected mobile application. Sean goes into great detail on issues related to disconnected.
Author: Sean O'Kelly
12/08/2017 72 13
32 Follow Up Discussion for two SaaS Showcase Events in December 2018
Detail: This is the after-showcase discussion for two previous SaaS showcase events
Author: Panel
12/01/2017 11 4
33 SaaS Showcase - MySchoolAnywhere : Business Application for Schools
Detail: A SaaS Showcase Business Application used by Parents and Admins for Schools
Author: Tracie and Jay Oken
12/01/2017 26 7
34 A SaaS Showcase Business Application for Trucking Industry
Detail: A SaaS Showcase Business Application for Trucking Industry
Author: Jeff Walczak
12/01/2017 13 11
22 Turn Alpha Developing into a Full Time Job
Detail: Jay Talbott takes us through an analysis of our present Alpha development. We discuss how to turn that endevour in to a full time job.
Author: Jay Talbott
10/13/2017 18 67
23 All about the Alpha Cloud
Detail: Kurt Rayner, VP of Research and Development, takes us through the Alpha Cloud.
Author: Kurt Rayner
10/06/2017 42 39
21 Introduction to Omnidex - Working with Large Databases
Detail: Introduction to Omnidex - Working with Large Databases: getting instant return on searches across millions of records. Or, across smaller databases. We discuss how Omnidex works, where it is applicable, how it fits within a typical Alpha Anywhere applications.
Presenter(s): Eric Savage
09/22/2017 27 29
19 Alpha IIS : Terry Smith - Big Q&A Session (35 questions)
Detail: Long Q&A Session on Alpha IIS
Author: Terry Smith
09/11/2017 90 62
17 Alpha IIS : Lee Vasic - Install, Config, Other Issues : Part 1
Detail: This is not a step-by-step tutorial. It is a good resource after you have attempted or completed an installation of Alpha IIS.
Author: Lee Vasic
08/25/2017 10 70
18 Alpha IIS : Lee Vasic - Install, Config, Other Issues : Part 2
Detail: This is the Q&A portion of the discussion
Author: Lee Vasic
08/25/2017 14 52
20 Preparing for Security Audit - LifeStatus360 Example
Detail: Discussion on Web Security, Security Audits and Alpha Anywhere Features
Author: David Wiley
08/18/2017 30 45
16 Introduction to CSS for Alpha Five Applications
Detail: A two part class 1) basic introduction to CSS, 2) how CSS is used in Alpha Five.
Author: Pat Bremkamp
11/29/2011 66 86
15 Alpha Five Desktop (Legacy) Applications - the Basics
Detail: Valuable to both Desktop and Web Developers, also a good overview for any one new to Alpha Five.
Author: Steve Workings
11/22/2011 48 58
1 Introduction to SQL
Detail: Using MYSQL, we will explore the world of SQL using Navicat for MYSQL and Alpha 5 forms and reports. The majority of class will be spent using the query functions of the Navicat software. We will be using native SQL statements to select data from within SQL. Doing so will give you a better understanding of what Alpha 5 is doing behind the scenes. We will expand upon the knowledge to create summary totals, and to combine several tables – similar to what you might do in an Alpha 5 set. Finally, we will turn those select statements into views in order to save them for easier reporting.
Author: Larry Grupido
11/15/2011 65 106
2 SQL Reporting
Detail: Advanced topic, complex report example. You will learn techniques for combining SQL, Alpha5 and HTML to improve the style and design of your reports and web pages. This class is not about using the Alpha5 web editor – rather, we will be writing HTML code into the application. Please keep in mind, the main purpose of class is learning about the techniques. Since this is a mini-class, there may not be time to go into detail about all of the SQL code used – but you will get enough information to do it yourself if you come with a good understanding of SQL to begin with.
Author: Larry Grupido
11/15/2011 73 70
13 Alpha Anywhere Web Applications - the Basics
Detail: Getting started on web applications. Tabbed UI, Grids, publishing, etc. This is a condensed training and does leave out some detail you might need to fully get started. Includes pointers to other resources such as the Message Board, IADN and the Wiki.
Author: Steve Workings
11/01/2011 45 65
9 E-Truck Biz
Detail: Jeff Walczak. Email: Jeff's first Alpha Five website to support his new business.
Presenter(s): Jeff Walczak
10/23/2011 8 56
8 Art Form Home Plan Sales
Detail: Wendy Welton. Wendy's first Alpha Five web application, as good as any professinal developer website.
Presenter(s): Wendy Welton
10/07/2011 47 50
11 American Society for Quality
Author: Pat Bremkamp
06/16/2010 75 47
12 Canadian Wireless
Presenter(s): Chad Brown
06/16/2010 75 44
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