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Our pre-qualified developers are full-time software consultants, most with over a dozen years using Alpha Anywhere as their primary software development platform. 

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22 Developers match this criteria
Bill Parker : Partec Database Systems, Dallas, Texas United States (View profile)

We listen and understand your business process. 15 years of developing customized Alpha applications by applying transferable process components to clients in diverse industries.

Projects in Portfolio: 0 (View portfolio) Last Login: 04/20/2018
Glen Schild : GJ Stats, United Kingdom UK (View profile)

With more than 33 years experience in writing database management systems we have the knowledge and expertise to help your business grow.Every business is different and we will take time to get to know your business.

Projects in Portfolio: 8 (View portfolio) Last Login: 04/19/2018
Steve Wood : AlphaToGo, LLC, Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area United States (View profile)

Full-time certified Alpha Anywhere lead developer with experience spanning desktop, web, and mobile. Solid Project Manager, Agile Leader and understand security, HIPAA, NIST Protocol, encryption, etc.

Projects in Portfolio: 30 (View portfolio) Last Login: 04/17/2018
Robert Adler : Eagle Dbase Solutions LLC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware - United States US (View profile)

Programmer with over 25 years of experience developing mainframe, client/server, windows desktop, and web applications. Since 2008 I have been using Alpha Five to develop desktop, web, and mobile apps in support of my customer's business needs.

Projects in Portfolio: 2 (View portfolio) Last Login: 04/07/2018
Jay Talbott : Talbott Associates, LLC., Central Kentucky, U S of A United States (View profile)

Create effective, efficient, custom software applications

Projects in Portfolio: 2 (View portfolio) Last Login: 03/28/2018
Andy Meer : A.M. Software, A.M. Software United Kingdom (View profile)

Leading U.K. developer, we have developed for diverse industries, from major international bank to nationwide transport companies and the UK's leading fashion jewellery supplier.

Projects in Portfolio: 1 (View portfolio) Last Login: 03/26/2018
Peter Greulich : AlphaBase Solutions, LLC, Boston, MA United States (View profile)

Alphabase strives to provide a clear and intuitive interface that allows you, the client, to concentrate on your business, not waste time figuring out how to use an unnecessarily complex program. My 3 watchwords are clarity, simplicity and functionality.

Projects in Portfolio: 10 (View portfolio) Last Login: 03/26/2018
Al Buchholz : Bookwood Systems LTD, Wisconsin United States (View profile)

We have be using Alpha since the 1980's for projects big and small. We specialize in systems integration - we make diverse systems work together. We have worked extensively with QuickBooks integration - extending reporting and data management.

Projects in Portfolio: 1 (View portfolio) Last Login: 03/15/2018
Nicholas Wieland : LedgerSuite.com, United States (View profile)

With 25 + years in the accounting software development and implementation. Our company has installed over 200 customers in many different accounting packages. We offer Mobile Order entry from PDA's, Tablets and Smartphones interfaced to 30+ Acctg Systems.

Projects in Portfolio: 5 (View portfolio) Last Login: 03/09/2018
Dr. Gary Traub : Advanced Billing Solutions, Inc., United States (View profile)

Specializing in web based medical billing software.

Projects in Portfolio: 0 (View portfolio) Last Login: 03/06/2018
Earl Allin : REA Inc., Toronto, Ontario Canada CA (View profile)

REA Inc. provides project management, consulting, programming, web design, desktop and web-based development and technical support services to Canadian, US and international clients.

Projects in Portfolio: 4 (View portfolio) Last Login: 03/03/2018
Scott Emerick : Diversified Micro Solutions, North Carolinia/ Virginia US (View profile)

Custom software applications that consider your unique business requirements, operational style and office practices to improve efficiency and lowers your costs. It gives you control over your business while allowing for future modifications and growth.

Projects in Portfolio: 1 (View portfolio) Last Login: 03/03/2018
Larry Grupido : Black Ink Unlimited, Southeastern Michigan United States (View profile)

Steady, reliable, service. I will provide you with a simple, cost-effective solution and keep you informed on the status of your project throughout.

Projects in Portfolio: 3 (View portfolio) Last Login: 03/03/2018
Tom Cone Jr : Tom Cone Jr Programming Services, United States (View profile)

Offering desktop database consulting, development, troubleshooting & training for small business, not-for-profits, and Alpha Five developers.

Projects in Portfolio: 0 (View portfolio) Last Login: 02/08/2018
Keith Hubert : KHDB Management Sytems, London United Kingdom (View profile)

The Database applications I build are designed to increase profits and improve communincation between departments, customers and suppliers.

Projects in Portfolio: 2 (View portfolio) Last Login: 02/08/2018
Frances Peake : Proctor & Peake, Inc, South Florida United States (View profile)

Proctor & Peake, Inc. is a full-time, professional web and database solutions company. We specialize in Alpha Software products.

Projects in Portfolio: 0 (View portfolio) Last Login: 12/03/2017
Robin Bennett : Start Software, Telford United Kingdom (View profile)

Award-winning Alpha Five software developers with a great working relationship with Alpha Software

Projects in Portfolio: 8 (View portfolio) Last Login: 12/03/2017
Ray DiFazio : RD Consulting, San Francisco, CA United States (View profile)

Ray is one of the first consultants to Specialize, exclusively, in Alpha Software Products. (20+ years experience)

"If you can imagine it and explain it to Ray, He can deliver it!!"

Projects in Portfolio: 0 (View portfolio) Last Login: 12/03/2017
Dan Hooley : MyAlphaTech.com, Eastern Washington State US (View profile)

Custom Desktop or Web database development
Project big or small, I focus on efficiency and speed
Mentoring, development and webmaster services

Projects in Portfolio: 1 (View portfolio) Last Login: 12/03/2017
Steve Workings : Steve Workings, Palm Coast, Florida US (View profile)

Steve is one of the world's leading Alpha Five developers, with more than 25 years' experience. He is also the most experienced Alpha Five instructor, having taught thousands in individual, web and classroom settings. No project too big or small.

Projects in Portfolio: 14 (View portfolio) Last Login: 12/03/2017
Martin W. Cole : Cole Custom Programming, Terrell, Texas (near Dallas) United States (View profile)

Custom programming for Medical (Hospitals and Clinics), Engineering(Metallurgical Analysis for the Aviation Industry), Institutional Architecs, and many others.

Projects in Portfolio: 5 (View portfolio) Last Login: 12/03/2017
Pat Bremkamp : MindKicks Consulting, Portland, Oregon US (View profile)

Exclusively Web and Hybrid applications. Satisfied customers include large and small manufacturing companies, Realtors, auto dealers, retail outlets, credit counselors and a variety of non-profit organizations.

Projects in Portfolio: 4 (View portfolio) Last Login: 12/03/2017


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