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All meeting times are in Pacific Time, adjust to your timezone. Our events are not just for software developers. We encourage attendance by employeers, vendors and other stakeholders.

Upcoming Scheduled Events

Fri, 02/23/18 at 09:00 AM(Starts in 1D:2H:46M) Register
Weekly Users Group Meeting
Focus: Technical - Show Us Your Work! Various developers will show their latest projects with a focus on technique.
10 Registered so far : Steve W, Joey W, Rod P, Ben S, Doron F, Kenneth B, Robert A, Herb J, Carol K
Fri, 03/02/18 at 09:00 AM(Starts in 8D:2H:46M) Register
Weekly Users Group Meeting
Focus: Technical showcases
2 Registered so far : Steve W,
Fri, 03/09/18 at 09:00 AM(Starts in 15D:2H:46M) Register
Weekly Users Group Meeting
Focus: Technical showcases
2 Registered so far : Steve W,

Events in the Works

Security Audits 
Focus: Prepare your application and network for a security audit. Earn a Grade A SSL, satisfy NIST, etc. Guest speaker has been selected.
Overview - AlphaToGo Framework 
Focus: Review the AlphaToGo Web Application Framework. Visit our page here.
Focus: SEO!!! All about Search Engine Optimization. Guest expert with discussion about applying SEO to Alpha applications. Guest speaker has been selected.
Alpha Anywhere Programming 
Focus: Overview of how to build web and moble application using Alpha Anywhere
Using Angular JS 
Focus: Overview of how to build web and mobile applications using Angular JS
Weekly Users Group Meeting 
Focus: Alternatives - a review of the available RAD software development platforms. What are you using?

Event Descriptions

Business Development: Discussion, work and planning sessions focused on building our business. Includes technical issues, business planning, SEO, legal issues, client and vendor relationships, and more. Frequently we will have a guest speaker or a showcase. The Users Group meetings fall in to this category.

Weekely Users Group Meeting: This is the original minimal agenda, backyard style get-together. We get to know each other, talk about the trouble and rewards of our businesses. You can bring up a nagging technical issue and let the group resolve it (maybe). Periodically we will have a special focus to the meetings but still try to keep it light and open. The session is never recorded.

Business Development Forum: This meeting is focused on a particular hot issue affecting our profession. We will often invite an expert guest speaker to lead our discussion on some relevant topic such as security, legal realities, SEO, sales and customer support, and so on. It is designed for open discussion, never a lecture. These are hard core learning and work sessions and we will keep on task.

Private Business Development Meetings - There are several groups that meet privately to discuss and implement plans to build their business. These meetings are coordinated through IADN but are generally invitation only.

Training: Formal training with a qualified subject matter expert. Coding, components, moble framework, login security -- and all that goes in to building an application!

Upcoming: Web Application Design, Mobile Application Design, Node JS for Alpha, SQL for Alpha, HTML and CSS, Security, Alpha for IIS, AlphaToGo Web App Framework. Building web and moble apps with Alpha Anywhere. Building responsive mobile apps with Angular JS. Xbasic 101,201. SQL for Alpha apps, etc.

Showcase: Developers present their latest software creations, get under the hood to describe technically how it was built.

Upcoming: Alpha Developers Website (this website), others to be announced.

Webinar: Formal presentation typically with Q&A session at the end.

Upcoming: Acheiving an "A+" Security SSL Rating, Dealing with PII data, How to work with Enterprise customers, others to be announced.