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All meeting times are listed as East Standard Time (e.g., New York), so please plan to adjust to your timezone. Our events are not just for software developers. We encourage attendance by anyone who has an interest in or need for Alpha Anywhere-based applications. Click here to see the list of webinar videos

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Friday, October 29, 2021 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time USA - Starts in 4D:15H:34M)

Title: UX Viewbox - All about the UX ViewBox Control. Special Guest presenter.

Platform: Alpha Anywhere
5 registered so far, including: Steve W, StQW W, Hans Jakob R, Joey W


Friday, November 05, 2021 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time USA - Starts in 11D:15H:34M)

Title: Progressive Web Apps - About Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Here are a couple resoureces: https://devetry.com/blog/are-progressive-web-apps-the-future/

Platform: Alpha Anywhere
3 registered so far, including: Steve W, Joey W


Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time USA - Starts in 16D:15H:34M)

Title: Attorney - About Copyright and Contracts - Date TBD - We will have a guest presenter for this meeting. Attorney at Law will discuss how and why to copyright your software applications, and the importance of legal contracts to protect your work and yourself.

Platform: Alpha Anywhere
7 registered so far, including: Steve W, Joey W, Hazel P, Samuel B, George T, Mario H


Friday, December 03, 2021 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time USA - Starts in 39D:15H:34M)

Title: Alpha and IADN Reunion! - Reunion. Casual session, everyone invited.

Platform: Alpha Anywhere
3 registered so far, including: Steve W, Joey W





Past Events

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Webinar #2961 on 10/22/2021: Touch on Progressive Web Apps and then either discuss that if there is interest or shift to UX Containers such as PanelHeader, PanelFooter, ControlGroup, ButtonGroup, Alignment, Injectible Content, Window, and others as time permits. Please attempt to review all of these container types before our webinar. 
Webinar #655 on 10/15/2021: Follow up on the Alpha Conference.
Webinar #654 on 10/08/2021: NO meeting today
Webinar #653 on 10/01/2021: The UX Dynamic Panel is a good way to create smooth web and mobile navigation and screen flow. We will also dig into our bag of unanswered Help questions.
Webinar #652 on 09/24/2021: Technical Review - UX Properties: Arguments and Client-Side Data Cache
Webinar #651 on 09/17/2021: Amazon Storage, S3 Buckets and related Storage String, Wasabi and general Cloud file management such as listing, downloading and uploading files.
Webinar #650 on 09/10/2021: Long time developer, Isang Udo-Akagha of Nigeria will showcase his website built on Alpha Anywhere and using an early version of the AlphaToGo Web Application Framework. This will be an interesting event as the application is built using DBF-based database while also maintaining a modern look-and-feel for the intended website purpose.
Webinar #646 on 09/03/2021:

We will have a guest presenter for this meeting. Miguel Colon, tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business at Chabot College, will discuss best practices to become a successful entrepreneur.

Many of our Alpha Anywhere developers are building applications and/or their software business for sale. At this webinar we will discuss what it takes to make that successful.

Our presentation will include a discussion about YOUR product. Also, topics on "there is no such thing as get rich quick", funding sources and ROI.

Bio: Miguel Colón is a tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business at Chabot College, and is the current Academic Senate President. Miguel is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned business executive. Miguel has founded several companies resulting in three exits. Miguel was the founder and CEO of SEC Compliance Services which was acquired by NYSE: ISDR. Most recently, Miguel was President of Transfer.ly, a pioneer in the Crowdfunding industry. Miguel has held various global executive positions within both public and private companies and has been a primary advisor to companies seeking public and private capital. Miguel is a President Emeritus of the San Francisco board of the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s (now Prospanica), an organization focused on furthering Latino professionals through education. Miguel received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Arts in Management from St. Mary's College.

Webinar #649 on 08/27/2021:

We will provide examples of using Container > Window including:

  • Opening the Container > Window using a button
  • Control the nature of the window, display, etc
  • Gathering information to display in the window
  • Validate data-entry
  • Require user-input on the window and run different processes based on user-input
  • Prepare and send data to a server-side callback
  • Perform SQL queries during the server-side callback 
  • Send Javascript back to the browser to provide status and information to the user
  • Close the window
Webinar #644 on 08/13/2021: Adam is the CEO of Plumb, a new search engine at plumb.one. He is using his talents in Narrative Marketing to build Plumb. Hear how he uses Narrative Marketing to craft stories that help companies grow bigger faster. Jay Levinson—the inventor of the Marlboro Man—said it years ago: it takes nine touches to get anyone to do anything and people see about 1/3 of what we send out, so it takes 27 outreaches to get nine touches to get anyone to do anything. Narrative Marketing keeps that system as efficient as possible by keeping everything aligned on a company’s core themes—narratives—so that no outreach is ever wasted. And hear how Plumb is getting people to more relevant data faster than any other search engine, how people are finding content on it that they can’t find anywhere else, how it is ending search FOMO, that awful feeling that you’re missing something in your search results.
Webinar #648 on 08/06/2021:
Webinar #643 on 07/30/2021: We will discuss our TrainingCamp held recently on July 20-22. Our team of instructors will review their material, and all attendees can join in the learning.
Webinar #642 on 07/23/2021: We will discuss our TrainingCamp held recently on July 20-22. Our team of instructors will review their material, and all attendees can join in the learning.
Webinar #639 on 07/16/2021: Examples: IFrame, Tab Stop, Embedded Object, etc.
Webinar #638 on 07/09/2021: Bring your questions and examples to share
Webinar #637 on 07/02/2021: AEX, Library, etc
Webinar #636 on 06/25/2021: Various "conveniences" in the Alpha IDE
Webinar #635 on 06/18/2021: Misc Data Controls
Webinar #634 on 06/11/2021: Action Javascript uses properties to gather the information need to add the desired functionality. A wide variety of actions are available that accomplish numerous tasks, including opening components, uploading or downloading images and files, generating PDF reports, interacting with native features on a mobile device, and more.
Webinar #633 on 06/04/2021: We will review many of the client-side events found in Alpha Anywhere UX component. These include onRenderComplete, onPanelActivate, afterLogin, afterValidate.
Webinar #632 on 05/28/2021:
  • onDialogInitialize
  • onDialogExecute
  • dialogValidate
  • afterDialogValidate
  • OnDialogRender
  • onSynchronize
  • beforeLogin
  • onLogin
  • onLogout
  • canAjaxCallback
  • afterAjaxCallback
Webinar #631 on 05/21/2021: All about managing records - add, delete, update and view. Several of our regular developers will provide demonstrations.
Webinar #630 on 05/14/2021: The UX Control Bar
Webinar #629 on 05/07/2021: Reports
Webinar #628 on 04/30/2021: We will review features and methods of the newly released version of Alpha Anywhere.
Webinar #627 on 04/23/2021: Ask questions, get answers, show YOUR work
Webinar #626 on 04/16/2021: Standard server configuration, connection strings, metrics, load balancer, etc. We will also compare the standard web server with IIS and Cloud services.
Webinar #625 on 04/09/2021: The UX component is the primary container for most applications built using Alpha Anywhere. The UX can be used to build full-width browser applications and also small-screen mobile applications.
Webinar #624 on 04/02/2021: Alpha Anywhere uses JavaScript extensively to enhance user experience. JS is called from client-side events and also can be returned from server-side events.
Webinar #623 on 03/26/2021: Learn how to connect to and use a database connection, run queries, etc.
Webinar #622 on 03/19/2021: Showcasing so far: Lee Vasic, Steve Wood, and Joe Chasko
Webinar #621 on 03/12/2021: Xbasic is the main server-side programming language used in Alpha Anywhere applications. Xbasic can be called from a Browser and then also return commands to the browser via JavaScript.
Webinar #620 on 03/05/2021: Techniques to ensure your web or mobile application runs when there is poor or non-existent Internet connection.
Webinar #619 on 02/26/2021: Using the new Alpha Calendar Control (still in beta at time of this webinar)
Webinar #618 on 02/19/2021: From Alpha Documentation - Panels present a convenient way for organizing mobile applications. The controls that make up an application are placed inside Panel Cards. If Panel Cards are placed inside a Panel Navigator, then users can move through the Panel Cards by swiping their mobile device and/or pressing specified buttons. When placed in a Panel Layout, both Panel Navigator containers and Panel Cards can be designed to appear on the same screen.
Webinar #617 on 02/12/2021:
Webinar #616 on 02/05/2021:
Webinar #613 on 01/29/2021:

A discussion about User Experience (UX) with guest presenter Kyle Kelley of Digital Solutions.

Here are a couple of resources to prepare for this presentation:

Webinar #640 on 01/22/2021: (moved from 2/26) Containers place a frame around a selected set of controls. This allows you to control position, stacking, isolation, etc. There are also a number of sub-control types available for use as a container; more popular sub-controls are the PanelHeader, PanelFooter, Window, and Injectible Content.
Webinar #612 on 01/15/2021: Open Agenda, various topics
Webinar #611 on 01/08/2021: Developer Reviews - your showcases, goals, needs and expectations for 2021
Webinar #610 on 12/18/2020: Last webinar of the year - no agenda, hang out and chat about plans for next year.
Webinar #609 on 12/11/2020: Developer Showcases and various technical topics - show your recent work and clever programming techniques.
Webinar #608 on 12/04/2020: The team at Start Software (offices in UK and Australia) will show how they build software using Alpha and a set of associated tools and techniques. They will cover project management, source control, requirements gathering and sharing, and client acceptance testing amongst other topics.
Webinar #607 on 11/27/2020: NO MEETING TODAY
Webinar #606 on 11/20/2020: Technical - List Control, recent new features, Badges, etc.
Webinar #605 on 11/13/2020: Developer discussion on database - design, implementation. Also how to manage a database, and alternate solutions such as NoSQL and Cloud-based databases.
Webinar #604 on 11/06/2020: Using a database and special session on MariaDB with guest speaker. Tech: Using Navicat to manage the database, sync tables, etc. Developer discussion about database design, best practices, how to configure a database.
Webinar #595 on 11/03/2020: Meet and Greet. We will all introduce ourselves and swap stories. Beer, wine or strong coffee is encouraged, but technical discussion is prohibited! Turn on your webcam if you dare.
Webinar #603 on 10/30/2020: Continuing: Debugging and Expert Advice Session - bring examples of what you are having trouble understanding or making work; Alpha Anywhere or Transform. We will review as a group and try to assist. This review process is beneficial for everyone.
Webinar #602 on 10/23/2020: Debugging and Expert Advice Session - bring examples of what you are having trouble understanding or making work; Alpha Anywhere or Transform. We will review as a group and try to assist. This review process is beneficial for everyone.
Webinar #601 on 10/16/2020: Review Alpha Virtual Training. Please join us whether you attended the Alpha training or not.
Webinar #599 on 10/02/2020: 1) Prep for Alpha DEVCON, 2) About HIPAA Apps, 3) Selling an Alpha-based business.
Webinar #598 on 09/25/2020: An update on In-Place Editing, Setting up Two-Factor Authentication, using jQuery to update your components, and more.
Webinar #597 on 09/18/2020: Personal use only! Eventually, all developers use their platform-of-choice to build something for their personal own use. Rarely polished but designed to fill a specific need. What have you built? Our first example will be a homegrown time-keeping and billing system.
Webinar #596 on 09/11/2020: Mobile Development - using the Ionic AppFlow vs PhoneGap to render native Android and iOS applications. References: The IonicFramework website, Alpha's Help Page on Ionic and PhoneGap.
Webinar #593 on 09/04/2020: Function Friday - we will review how to use a dozen or so functions found in Alpha Anywhere
Webinar #592 on 08/28/2020: HIPAA, PCI and Encryption and (if time) additional review the lastest Alpha Anywhere release
Webinar #587 on 08/27/2020: New User Orientation
Webinar #591 on 08/21/2020: Review the lastest Alpha Anywhere release
Webinar #586 on 08/14/2020: Transform Training members will present their work. IADN provided a 4-day training series on Alpha Transform the week of July 13. At this webinar some or all of the students will showcase the Transform-based applications they have built or are in the process of building.
Webinar #590 on 08/07/2020: Open-agenda, focusing on 3rd party tools for Alpha Developers. The regular host will be away camping on during this Webinar so we have shifted to open-agenda. Please review YOUR 3rd party utilities, programs you use to make your life easier while building apps with Alpha or managing your business. Come prepared to show these utilities.
Webinar #589 on 07/31/2020: Discuss Alpha Anywhere features in recent and pre-release versions
Webinar #588 on 07/24/2020: Open Agenda - Guest host
Webinar #585 on 07/17/2020: Showcase event - several developers will show off their latest work. We will see how they work and then dive in to how they were built. In the second half we will review a dozen or so useful SQL queries and how they would be implemented in Alpha Anywhere.
Webinar #584 on 07/10/2020: Showcase event - several developers will show off their latest work. We will see how they work and then dive in to how they were built.
Webinar #583 on 07/03/2020:


  • Dynamic report using one report for multiple senerios
  • How to pass an SQL string into a Stored Procedure and use that as a security to limit the amount of records the user can view
  • If we have time --> Storing a report as a SVG to call later
Webinar #582 on 06/26/2020: Review and proper use of the most widely used Xbasic functions.
Webinar #576 on 06/19/2020: Recent enhancements to Alpha Transform and Alpha Anywhere.
Webinar #575 on 06/12/2020: Using SQL - when and how to use stored procedures, views, queries, arguments, etc. Proper syntax for using SQL in Alpha Xbasic. Debugging and error trapping.
Webinar #574 on 06/05/2020: Various software development routines designed to streamline your development work in Alpha Anywhere.
Webinar #573 on 05/22/2020: Review of Alpha Anywhere release
Webinar #570 on 05/15/2020: Analytics using MariaDB SkySQL
  • The ability to run hybrid transactional/analytical (HTAP) workloads on the same database server with the tables synchronized. This means complex processes for importing data into a warehouse is no longer required, and you can run real-time analytics at scale.
  • A standard SQL interface for both transactional and analytical queries. You can use the same language that you're already familiar with and can migrate from MySQL with minimal adjustments to your application layer.
  • Compatibility with object storage (such as S3) so you can store terabytes of data without a minimum cloud storage bill.
  • The ability to set up an analytics database with just a few clicks.
Webinar #568 on 05/08/2020:

A review of several of the utilities available for purchase at the IADN Store. Please visit the store to get an idea of what is available and jot down any questions you would like to ask.


  1. IMON (e.g., I am on the server). This is a handy utility for teams that share one or more servers or other resources and need to know if that resource is currently in use. A good example is RDP, where it is possible to kick someone off that server if you attempt to connect.
  2. CKEditor Integration. CKEditor is one of the best HTML editors available. Here is their official website.
  3. GJ Stats Alpha Styling Template: This is a template that can be used to help to build feature rich applications in Alpha Anywhere focusing on providing a style and structure for basic operations.
  4. Software-based Load Balancer for Alpha Anywhere: This is a complete Load Balancer solution for Alpha Anywhere web and mobile applications. Add to your existing server and configure in minutes. Spread your user traffic across multiple Alpha instances for better performance.
  5. AlphaToGo Web Application Framework for Alpha Anywhere projects: A web application framework for Alpha Anywhere with will instantly generate a complete website. All page content is database-driven and it includes advanced user management, security, user registration, contact us module, etc - everything you would expect in a complete website.
  6. Bug Reporting System from Talbott Associates, LLC: This bug reporting system provides an easy and effective way to report a bug. It includes email, internal communications, and a bug status monitoring system.
Webinar #566 on 05/01/2020:

Open-Agenda meetings always end up being our best get-togethers. Bring anything you want to show or ask a technical question. Everyone benefits from five-minute examples of coding or a quick review of how you approached a new project.

Webinar #569 on 04/24/2020: Hosted by Sean O'Kelly: Mobile Shopping Cart Component with Basic and Complex Stripe Integration.
Webinar #581 on 04/10/2020: Hosted by Glen Schild: Shop Floor digital timesheets using Transform pushing data back into Alpha Anywhere application
Webinar #558 on 04/03/2020: Showcase and application review hosted by Lee Vasic

ORIGINAL TOPIC POSTPONED - Becoming an Alpha Expert is not enough! Today we will review the many other industry technologies you should understand if you are going to succeed as a software developer. For starters, we will briefly review the role of JavaScript, jQuery, .NET, PHP, Calendars, Charting, Web Services and API, Agile Methodology, GIT and DevOps. These are useful even if you build applications for your own use or for the small business market, but if you are planning to work with larger institutions, or work alongside a formal IT department, a deep understanding and ability to deploy these additional tools should be a mandatory part of your education. And, if you are an independent developer or someone who seeks employment, and you want to make the big bucks, you must expand your knowledge beyond Alpha to these and similar related technologies.

Webinar #563 on 03/27/2020:

Open-Agenda meetings always end up being our best get-togethers. Bring anything you want to show or ask a technical question. Everyone benefits from five-minute examples of coding or a quick review of how you approached a new project.

At this webinar, we can spend as much time as desired to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on our business and personal lives. If we do, our discussion should include examples of how it will affect our business and what we can do as a group to make the best of this situation. It is important also to identify ways that IADN can provide assistance going forward.

Webinar #580 on 03/20/2020: Sending Email - SMTP, Mandrill, Sparkpost, webhooks (getting feedback), configuring your domain record for SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc.
Webinar #565 on 03/13/2020: Session 1) Why doesn't this work? Examples of methods and code that does not quite work - you figure it out!

Session 2) IADN.COM under the hood. IADN is a fully data-driven website. We will review content management, events and registration, Developer Profiles, and in general how we approach this Alpha-based website.
Webinar #567 on 03/06/2020: DevOps Security: We will have one or [possibly] two guest speakers this Friday to talk about "DevOps Security". The first speaker is David Wiley of Lifestatus360 will review a subset of DevOps and go through a recent Risk Management Analysis for the SDLC (Software Development Life Style), and how it applies to the SCRUM / Agile cycle. I (Steve Wood) was the principal Alpha Anywhere consultant on this project so we will be a good team for this discussion.

For reference: "DevOps Security refers to the discipline and practice of safeguarding the entire DevOps environment through strategies, policies, processes, and technology. Security should be built into every part of the DevOps lifecycle, including inception, design, build, test, release, support, maintenance, and beyond. Today, this type of "baked-in" DevOps security is often called DevSecOps, which aims to improve security through improved collaboration and shared responsibility that overlays the entire DevOps workflow."
Webinar #561 on 02/28/2020: Arguments, session variables, page variables, server variables, state variables, etc. Also, referencing variables at 'run-time', storing vars in a control for easy access, And, setting vars in JavaScript. And, argument use in functions (also called parameters). And, why you should use argumemts instead of 'variables' in your SQL queries.
Webinar #559 on 02/21/2020: Debug Friday - all about debugging. Debug using Alpha Xbasic debugger, searchign the Xbasic tab in the UX and Grid, JavaScript debgging using Google Chrome developer tools. Note - here are some videos to review:
Webinar #552 on 02/14/2020:

Build Web Apps like its 2030 - That is the title of a Tech Talk hosted by Wix Lounge in San Francisco and presented by Jonathan Avinor, Software Engineer at Wix.com. Steve Wood, President of IADN, will be attending this talk on Tuesday, February 10.

The talk will include a discussion of 'out-of-the-box' tools that reduce or eliminate the need to write code and seemlessly integrate the frontend with the backend database. Does this sound familiar? Yes, Alpha Anywhere IS exactly that, and more.

At our Friday Hands-On Webinar I will discuss what was presented and we will compare the various 'out-of-the-box' tools suggested with how we use Alpha Anywhere and Transform. Our goal as developers is to perfect our craft and take care of our clients, and we can do a better job of that by learning how others do exactly the same with their bag of tools.

I will also sign up to be a future presentor at Wix Lounge!

Webinar #553 on 02/07/2020: Using the UX Component's Control Bar control. This topic came out of last week's presentation of a template navigation method for a UX-based application. We will compare the ControlBar methods with the template shown last week and also how to cut a template for all of your future work to save time and create consistency.
Webinar #557 on 01/31/2020: Migrating from Grids and Tabbed UI to the UX Component.
Webinar #549 on 01/23/2020: IADN All Member meeting (everyone should attend). We will review business developments at IADN and discuss what resources you need to be successful.

Best times for Europe to New Zealand.
Webinar #556 on 01/17/2020: An experienced MS Access developer will present his Alpha Anywhere applications and request input from the other developers. This is is a good learning experience for anyone deep in the process of building a new application.
Webinar #546 on 01/10/2020: First webinar of 2020. Open-Agenda meeting. All topics, questions and developer showcases welcome. Since it is a new year, we will discuss group and individual planning.
Webinar #554 on 12/20/2019: Open Agenda - Last meeting until January 10. How was your year and what are your plans for 2020? Let's share a little holiday cheer while also discussing what went right and what went wrong in 2019.
Webinar #545 on 12/13/2019:

Continue our review of new Alpha version

Alpha Software released version on Nov 12. We will have examples of UX List Control In-place Editing and some of the more popular new features.

Webinar #543 on 12/06/2019:

Selwyn Rabins and Dave McCormick of Alpha Software, Inc. will be present at this meeting as we discuss the significant enhancements in this newly released version of Alpha Anywhere.

Alpha Software released version on Nov 12. In addition to the much talked about UX List Control In-Place Editing feature, this release has many dozen enhancements, new features, and bug fixes. Alpha's engineers have included enhancements to disconnected mode, server and component security, server memory, List Control and ViewBox, Grid and UX, SQL syntax formatting, export to Excel, emailing features, dropdown navigation, several hooks to Alpha Transform, and many more enhancements not listed here.

Webinar #542 on 11/29/2019: Topic: review the most common HTML and CSS that a developer must know to build a web or mobile application. This will include browser defaults, designating font and text attributes, borders, colors, div and span, ids and classes, relative and absolute positioning, hyperlinks, image tags, etc. If we have time we will start a review of SEO for web and mobile application.
Webinar #544 on 11/29/2019: SPECIAL WEBINAR TIME - better (not perfect) time for Europe, Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Topic: Please discuss resource needs that are special to your region. How can IADN be more useful and responsive to non-USA members?

Meeting time reference

  • San Francisco, USA - Friday, 29th at Midnight
  • New York, USA - Friday, 29th at 3:00 AM
  • London, England - Friday, 29th at 8:00 AM
  • Johannesburg, South Africa - Friday 29th at 10: 00 AM
  • Mumbi, India - Friday 29th at 1:30 PM
  • Sydney, Australia - Friday 29th at 7:00 PM
  • Auckland, New Zealand - Friday 29th at 9:00 PM
Webinar #541 on 11/22/2019: This Friday we will continue last week's review of the UX List Control. By far this is the most used control within the UX component. It is primarily used to display, edit and delete records from a data source. And it is the primary tool when designing disconnected mobile applications. We encourage our members to participate and show their own examples, ask questions, discuss, etc.
Webinar #540 on 11/15/2019: Workshop on UX List Controls.
  • List Control Detail
  • Search and Filter
  • Using Data Binding vs List Control Detail
  • List Control as a replacement for the Grid
Webinar #534 on 11/08/2019: We will review several UX Containers and Panels.
  • Container (generic), Window, SpinListGroup, Editor, Injectible Content. 
  • Panels vs Container to lay out screens.
  • Suggested starting point fror all UX - Panel Navigator, Panel, etc.
  • Best Practices for building a new application.
Webinar #536 on 11/01/2019: Workshop - Common Alpha Anywhere questions: This is a fantastic session for novice and advanced Alpha Anywhere developers. Our guest developer is re-building his Microsoft Access application in Alpha Anywhere. As an Alpha novice, he has many basic and not-so-basic questions about how to do things correctly in Alpha Anywhere. We will go through a prioritized list of questions, and ask the webinar audience to provide answers and options. If you are novice, many of your questions will be answered in this session. If you are an Alpha expert, please join us to share your expertise and help advance our community of new Alpha developers. These hands-on webinars are the best for learning best practices for your daily programming tasks.
Webinar #537 on 10/25/2019: This will be an all-participation open-discussion webinar about the challenges and rewards of being an independent developer and/or a company that uses the Alpha platform for their business. For the independent developers, we will spend time discussing where we believe our business will come from in 2020 and beyond. And then we will all discuss how to leverage features and benefits of Alpha Anywhere or Transform in our business or sales process. At IADN, we have been busy adding new features to make it easier to find developer resources, receive education and find projects, and we will review some of those new features at this webinar.
Webinar #538 on 10/18/2019: Released earlier this week -- Alpha TransForm Version 5.4.0 has a collection of new capabilities, UI improvements, bug fixes, and more. We will review the recent updates plus have several developers showcase their recent work with Transform. If we have time we will also discuss how promoting Alpha Transform can enhance your software development business.
Webinar #535 on 10/11/2019:

Two topics today:

  • Many corporate clients want our applications to be accessible using Single Sign-On. This feature uses a 3rd party tool like the ones found at onelogin.com and auth0.com where the user signs on once and is authorized for multiple applications based on that login and the local permissions and groups in your application.
  • Stripe! Using the online payment method found at stripe.com.
Webinar #539 on 10/04/2019: This Friday Alpha Developer, Sean O'Kelly will showcase his recent work on the Turfecto application! The demonstration will include reviewing these features:
  • Client and Vendor registration
  • Status notifications send to client and vendor
  • Client pays for project using Stripe
  • Custom shopping process
  • Vendor location/service mapping
  • Vendor accept/reject job
  • Client accept/reject vendor
  • CMS system 
Webinar #533 on 09/27/2019: Topic TBD. Currently no host and set as Open Agenda. Come and discuss or showcase your application, discuss a technical issue, talk about Alpha or other products.
Webinar #531 on 09/20/2019: Second webinar on In-Place Editing for the UX List Control. This is a tentitive date and may change. Please register so you can be alerted to any change.
Webinar #532 on 09/13/2019: This Friday two seasoned Alpha Developers (Lee Vasic and Jay Talbot) will showcase some of their work, and show us how it was done.
Webinar #530 on 09/06/2019: Applying CSS to Alpha Anywhere projects. We will start with some basics and show some of the more commonly applied styles. Then we will follow with a quick rundown on the various ways that you an apply CSS from whithin the Alpha Anywhere platform. That will include the style.css file typically found in the CSS folder, and also the various forms of 'inline' CSS applied at the UX or individual Control level. There are dozens of locations within a basic UX component where CSS can be applied.
Webinar #529 on 08/30/2019:

Review many of the most popular and widely-used Action JavaScript Methods. We will use examples starting from the UX List Controls and Buttons events. Action JavaScript is the standard way to execute methods from a browser or mobile application. Some examples include: ajaxCallback(), SetValue(), GetValue(), closeContainer(), setArgumentValue(), setFocus(), refresh(), populateDropDownBox(), runAction(), and also methods to navigate to mobile Panels and manage List Controls.

If we have time we can also review the various types of "Containers" such as PanelHeader/Footer, Window and uses for the 'general' container. And, although we have reviewed this before, we will touch again on the important topic of how to send JavaScript back to the browser after an ajaxCallback.

Webinar #528 on 08/23/2019: Topic: Xbasic programming specific to the UX component
Webinar #527 on 08/16/2019: Topic: UX Features - focusing on debugging server-side xbasic and the ControlBar.
Webinar #526 on 08/09/2019: Topic: Various UX Controls
Webinar #525 on 08/02/2019: Topic: List Control and other topics
Webinar #524 on 07/19/2019: Topic TBD. Currently no host and set as Open Agenda. Come and discuss or showcase your application, discuss a technical issue, talk about Alpha or other products.
Webinar #523 on 07/12/2019: Topic TBD. Currently no host and set as Open Agenda. Come and discuss or showcase your application, discuss a technical issue, talk about Alpha or other products.
Webinar #522 on 07/05/2019: Topic TBD. Currently no host and set as Open Agenda. Come and discuss or showcase your application, discuss a technical issue, talk about Alpha or other products.
Webinar #521 on 06/28/2019: Topic TBD. Currently no host and set as Open Agenda. Come and discuss or showcase your application, discuss a technical issue, talk about Alpha or other products.
Webinar #520 on 06/21/2019: Programming tasks: Alpha Wait Message, Javascript Actions, Alpha Message Box vs Javascript Alert, Using Arguments vs Session Variables, How to Search the Project. Your host today is Carol King, Developer of Custom Homebuilders' Solutions.
Webinar #518 on 06/14/2019: Xbasic code review. Methods, Functions, Security, working with SQL, posting Javascript back to the browser, etc
Webinar #513 on 06/07/2019: Independent Developer Business Management - what do we use to manage our business, tools, practices, resources, applications, Alpha, etc. We will showcase a home-grown Alpha time and materials system for collecting and reporting billable hours. Also, lets do a Developer Check In - how are we doing as a group? Earning enough? Excited? What do we need to do to improve our business, etc.
Webinar #519 on 05/31/2019: Review Alpha Anywhere latest release 4.6.0: Two-factor Authentication, Integrated Source control with Git and GitHub, SAP HANA data integration, Chunked Response, and other features.
Webinar #514 on 05/24/2019: Discussion: Official Launch of Alpha Transform
Webinar #512 on 05/17/2019: May is for Mobile - Building Mobile Applications with Alpha Anywhere - Database/Disconnected Considerations
Webinar #511 on 05/10/2019: May is for Mobile - Building Mobile Applications with Alpha Anywhere - open discussion (no training) 2 of 2
Webinar #517 on 05/09/2019: WORK GROUP - mobile application development working group. Open-session., bring your mobile application, ask questions, share ideas, etc.
Webinar #515 on 05/03/2019: DIFFERENT TIME - May is for Mobile (repeat session) May is for Mobile - Building Mobile Applications with Alpha Anywhere - open discussion (no training) 1 of 2
Webinar #510 on 05/03/2019: May is for Mobile - Building Mobile Applications with Alpha Anywhere - open discussion (no training) 1 of 2
Webinar #508 on 04/26/2019: Inverview with ZebraHost - we will see the new Zebra Cloud Stack with VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
Webinar #507 on 04/19/2019: Digital Transformation: How Does it Affect Your Business? 
Webinar #506 on 04/12/2019: Business Development Strategy (1 of 2) session based on Alpha Software's 'Digital Transformation' Road Map.
Webinar #501 on 04/05/2019: Special Event - Panel Discussion (6 panelists) - Running Mission-Critical, Enterprise-Level Applications using Alpha Anywhere. Each panelist administers an Alpha Anywhere application running in a cloud or other high-availability network environment and has significant usage. All are using load balancers and other tools to manage and analyze high-end traffic. Our panelists also represent the major providers - GoogleCloud, AWS, Azure, AlphaCloud, ZebraHost and Rackspace networks.
Webinar #500 on 03/29/2019: Richard Rabins, CEO of Alpha Software will be our guest speaker today. Richard will share the history of Alpha and comment on where thing are going.
Webinar #505 on 03/22/2019: We will reveiw recent additions to the Alpha Anywhere/Transform Release Notes. We will cover as much as we can, but start with 1) UX Component - List Control - Column Hide/Show and Re-order, 2) Panel Cards - UX Component - Pinch to Zoom, 3) UX Component Builder and TabbedUI Builder - Security Groups, 4) UX Component - List Control - Action Javascript - List Control Actions - Refresh Data Action, and a quick review of Tree Control for navigation. You should review the nrelease notes and any videos prior to our meeting.
Webinar #504 on 03/15/2019: Open-Agenda: what we do is up to you! Bring up any topic, business, programming, personal..anything.
Webinar #498 on 03/08/2019: Homegrown applications! Show those applications you built only for your own use. Your own accounting system, or for prospect management, or to record your receipes, or whatever. Criteria: a) it has to be built for your own use, b) it has to actually work, c) even though it works it has to be pretty ugly!
Webinar #497 on 03/01/2019: Tracie and Jay Oken are the owners of the successful Alpha Anywhere-based SaaS business MySchoolAnywhere. They have presented at our webinars many times and we are pleased to have them back to talk about recent events with their SaaS business.
Webinar #496 on 02/22/2019: Expert Developer Glen Schild will showcase his latest work building a "template" for Alpha Anywhere to make daily development work easier.
Webinar #499 on 02/20/2019: Alpha Anywhere Orientation and Training Event - a quick run through everything important: installation, configuration, security framework, database connection, grid components, UX components, etc. One hour training followed by Q&A. This is a live dry run for a weekly free training series for our members that will cover all aspects of Alpha Anywhere and Transform development, CSS, HTML, Javascript, basic and advanced programming skills.
Webinar #495 on 02/15/2019: AlwaysUp - If you are deploying web or mobile applications you have likely heard of or are using AlwaysUp. Well, the owner and designer of AlwaysUp will be our presentor at this webniar along with several Alpha developers with experience using AlwaysUp.
Webinar #494 on 02/08/2019: Alpha integration with Quickbooks - Did you know with a simple ODBC driver you have full access to the Quickbooks database? With this in hand you can integrate your Alpha application with Quickbooks - generate invoices, get information on Customers or past due amounts, etc.
Webinar #493 on 02/01/2019: Developer Showcase Event - At this webinar, we will take a look at what I personally think is one of the most efficient and aesthetically appealing web applications built in Alpha Anywhere (and I have seen hundreds of applications.) This one has had a recent overhaul with a focus on consistent navigation, effective user experience, and simple yet pleasing attention to color and fonts.
Webinar #492 on 01/25/2019: About the IADN website. Although not the most advanced Alpha "application", IADN.COM is without a doubt the most advanced company website written in Alpha Anywhere. We will look at the Administrative section, how we manage content, users, membership, payment and many other features.
Webinar #491 on 01/18/2019: Techical session - using Argument in a UX component and reports.
Webinar #490 on 01/11/2019: Open discussion - plans for 2019. What's new in our industry and what do we need in order to prosper in 2019 and beyond?
Webinar #489 on 12/21/2018: Sean O'Kelly on Mobile CMS (followed by Open Agena - Suggestion: Discuss goals for 2019, holiday plans, etc.)
Webinar #488 on 12/14/2018: Discuss new Alpha Features as presented by Selwyn Wed Nov 28 (or any other new feature).
Webinar #487 on 12/07/2018: Alpha Anywhere Mobile Topics - Panel Cards, Panel Navigator, List Control, and The Control Bar
Webinar #486 on 11/30/2018: Alpha Anywhere Xbasic Topics - basics, SQL integration, arguments, etc.
Webinar #483 on 11/16/2018: Open Agenda, any topic. We are especially looking for developers using the "Form View" (a UX control) for this meeting.
Webinar #482 on 11/09/2018: IADN Product and Resource Showcase - a review of all of the products and training material provided by IADN including the Alpha Load Balancer, Web Application Framework, CKEditor Integration, Shopping Cart, and CAPTCHA, and also face-to-face Classroom Training and Printed Training Material.
Webinar #479 on 11/02/2018: Alpha Software Conference wrapup (with special guest from Alpha Software) - what happened, who was there, what was discussed, what is new and how does it affect us?
Webinar #480 on 10/26/2018: Alpha Transform Developer Showcases and Case Studies - see how other developers have deployed Transform apps. We will include how to get data from the "Transform database" to our selected SQL database. Also a quick review of Zapier, a workflow tool integrated with Transform.
Webinar #478 on 10/09/2018: Our GoToMeeting will be up and running for the duration of the Alpha DevCon 2018 confeence. Check in anytime from Tuesday evening through Friday affternoon. The "WHEN" date set this event should be roughly from late Tuesday Oct 9 through late Friday October 12.
Webinar #477 on 09/28/2018: Pre-Alpha Software Conference Topics - we will discuss material that will be presented in the alpha DevCon 2018 and Post Conference Training, October 10th - 12th, 2018. Here is the conference agenda. Join us whether you are attending the conference or not.
Webinar #476 on 09/21/2018: Pre-Alpha Software Conference Topics - we will discuss material that will be presented in the alpha DevCon 2018 and Post Conference Training, October 10th - 12th, 2018. Here is the conference agenda. Join us whether you are attending the conference or not.
Webinar #475 on 09/14/2018: Business Analytics - Guest presenters. Featuring Microsoft Power BI
Webinar #474 on 09/07/2018: All about Blockchain and how it might affect Alpha Anywhere developers and users. Read this article.
Webinar #473 on 08/31/2018: PayPal Integration for Shopping Cart and Subscription (using the "Payments Standard" API).
Webinar #471 on 08/24/2018: Technical Focus - Action Javascript and Server-side events in the UX Component (e.g., Perform a server-side callbacks from a UX List Control, Field, or Button <--> and Executing Client-Side Javascript from a Server-Side event)
Webinar #470 on 08/17/2018: Technical Focus - Using Navicat (database management tool) and AlwaysUp (runs the Alpha web server as a service)
Webinar #469 on 08/10/2018: Developer Showcase - Review a new SaaS application called "KwikAlert" built in Alpha Anywhere.
Webinar #468 on 08/03/2018: Business Focus - how to build a business as an Independent Developer
Webinar #472 on 07/27/2018: Showcase Event | See a new product by Steve Wood called IMON as in "I am On". Plus a discussion about a new section on IADN for Special Interest Groups.
Webinar #463 on 07/20/2018: No agenda, open forum and discussion
Webinar #461 on 07/13/2018: Showcase Event | Review the IADN.COM website
Webinar #460 on 07/06/2018: Xbasic Functions in UX Controls
Webinar #459 on 06/22/2018: Showcase Event | Multiple applications by different Alpha developers
Webinar #457 on 06/15/2018: CSS - Grids to Build Responsive Websites and Using CSS for Website Style
Webinar #455 on 06/01/2018: Using Sphnix for MariaDB to drastically improve searches on large databases
Webinar #458 on 05/31/2018: Review the AlphaToGo Web App Framework (User Mamagement, Content Management, Security, Registration, etc.)
Webinar #454 on 05/25/2018: Review Database Engines - MySQL, MSSQL, SSMS, Navicat, etc. If we have time, some reporting tools.
Webinar #451 on 05/11/2018: Review New Alpha Anywhere Release (REST API, SQL Audit)
Webinar #452 on 05/10/2018: Q&A session for AlphaToGo Web Application Framework
Webinar #450 on 05/04/2018: Mobile App Showcase and Review
Webinar #449 on 04/27/2018: All About the Alpha Web Server - best practices, configuration, load balancing, etc.
Webinar #445 on 04/20/2018: Alpha Anywhere "TransForm" Product with Guest Speaker from Alpha Software
Webinar #448 on 04/18/2018: Australia/New Zealand/Philippines Timezone Meeting
* Wednesday, April 18th at 5:00 PM Pacific Coast Time (PDT)
* Wednesday, April 18th at 8:00 PM East Coast Time (EDT)
* Thursday, April 19th at 1:00 AM London Time (BST)
* Thursday, April 19th at 8:00 AM Perth/Manila Time (AUD/PHP)
* Thursday, April 19th at 10:00 AM Sydney Time (AEST)
* Thursday, April 19th at Noon Auckland Time (NZST)
Webinar #447 on 04/13/2018: Common Software Development Tools
Webinar #444 on 04/06/2018: Open Agenda
Webinar #443 on 03/30/2018: Using Multimedia to promote your business
Webinar #442 on 03/23/2018: The Alpha Anywhere ViewBox control
Webinar #441 on 03/16/2018: Content Management, a Blog Example and an Online Spreadsheet.
Webinar #440 on 03/09/2018: Web User Management, Password Reset, Double Opt-In Registration
Webinar #437 on 02/23/2018: Technical - Show Us Your Work! Various developers will show their latest projects with a focus on technique.
Webinar #436 on 02/16/2018: Developer Tom Brondolo - Weekly Task Time Management using UX Component
Webinar #435 on 02/09/2018: Developer Glen Schild - UX component "panel cards" can be used inside a traditional Tabbed UI interface -- panels are not just for mobile applications!
Webinar #433 on 02/02/2018: Review a UX component as a control center for report management
Webinar #432 on 01/19/2018: Review Upcoming IADN Training Workshops. Dicsuss training content (mobile, UX, web, desktop, etc)
Webinar #431 on 01/12/2018: Showcase TBD
Webinar #430 on 01/05/2018: Open session. No agenda. Come discuss the previous and new year!
Webinar #434 on 12/22/2017: Open Session, Any Topic e.g., Net Neutrality
Webinar #429 on 12/15/2017: 2nd SaaS Showcase and Business Discussion
Webinar #428 on 12/08/2017: Alpha Anywhere Mobile - Disconnected Application.
Sean OKelly of XAPP DESIGN will present a full-working Disconnected Application built in Alpha Anywhere.
Webinar #427 on 12/01/2017: SaaS Showcase and Business Discussion
Two experienced SaaS developers will discuss how to create revenue from a SaaS application. Ideas for new SaaS applications, utilities, payment solutions, etc.
Webinar #426 on 11/17/2017: Showcase and discuss an exciting new mentoring program at IADN called the Board of Advisors -- it is important to get your feedback about this program.
Webinar #425 on 11/10/2017: No meeting this week
Webinar #424 on 11/03/2017: Open Session - Alpha DevCon 2017 Follow-Up and Planning Session.
Webinar #423 on 10/27/2017: Open Session - Focus on training needs. We will discuss plans for a West Coast Training Conference and other training/mentoring resources.
Webinar #422 on 10/20/2017: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Presenter: Meredith Loos
Webinar #421 on 10/13/2017: Independent Developer as a Business - Presenter: Jay Talbott of Talbott Associates
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