All meeting times are listed as East Standard Time (e.g., New York), so please plan to adjust to your timezone. Our events are not just for software developers. We encourage attendance by anyone who has an interest in or need for Alpha Anywhere-based applications. Click here to see the list of webinar videos

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Friday, April 26, 2019 at 12:00 PM (East Coast Time - Starts in 3D:16H:1M)

Inverview with ZebraHost - we will see the new Zebra Cloud Stack with VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

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Friday, May 03, 2019 at 12:00 PM (East Coast Time - Starts in 10D:16H:1M)

May is for Mobile - Building Mobile Applications with Alpha Anywhere - open discussion 1 of 2

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Friday, May 10, 2019 at 12:00 PM (East Coast Time - Starts in 17D:16H:1M)

May is for Mobile - Building Mobile Applications with Alpha Anywhere - open discussion 2 of 2

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Friday, May 17, 2019 at 12:00 PM (East Coast Time - Starts in 24D:16H:1M)

May is for Mobile - Building Mobile Applications with Alpha Anywhere - Database/Disconnected Considerations

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Friday, May 24, 2019 at 12:00 PM (East Coast Time - Starts in 31D:16H:1M)

May is for Mobile - Building Mobile Applications - Publishing to PhoneGap and/or AlphaLaunch

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Friday, May 31, 2019 at 12:00 PM (East Coast Time - Starts in 38D:16H:1M)

May is for Mobile - Panel Discussion : Building and Publishing Mobile Applications using Alpha Anywhere

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Friday, June 07, 2019 at 12:00 PM (East Coast Time - Starts in 45D:16H:1M)

June is for JSON and JavaScript

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Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 07:00 AM (East Coast Time - Starts in 422D:11H:1M)

Annual IADN Training Conference. Two day event. Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas. Nothing but training, workshops, on-the-spot mentoring, business advice, more training and maybe a little dancing)! Thursday & Friday June 18-19, 2020 with optional family events planned for the weekend. Additional details coming.....

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Past Events

04/19/2019 Digital Transformation: How Does it Affect Your Business? 
04/12/2019 Business Development Strategy (1 of 2) session based on Alpha Software's 'Digital Transformation' Road Map.
04/05/2019 Special Event - Panel Discussion (6 panelists) - Running Mission-Critical, Enterprise-Level Applications using Alpha Anywhere. Each panelist administers an Alpha Anywhere application running in a cloud or other high-availability network environment and has significant usage. All are using load balancers and other tools to manage and analyze high-end traffic. Our panelists also represent the major providers - GoogleCloud, AWS, Azure, AlphaCloud, ZebraHost and Rackspace networks.
03/29/2019 Richard Rabins, CEO of Alpha Software will be our guest speaker today. Richard will share the history of Alpha and comment on where thing are going.
03/22/2019 We will reveiw recent additions to the Alpha Anywhere/Transform <a href="">Release Notes</a>. We will cover as much as we can, but start with 1) UX Component - List Control - Column Hide/Show and Re-order, 2) Panel Cards - UX Component - Pinch to Zoom, 3) UX Component Builder and TabbedUI Builder - Security Groups, 4) UX Component - List Control - Action Javascript - List Control Actions - Refresh Data Action, and a quick review of Tree Control for navigation. You should review the nrelease notes and any videos prior to our meeting.
03/15/2019 Open-Agenda: what we do is up to you! Bring up any topic, business, programming, personal..anything.
03/08/2019 Homegrown applications! Show those applications you built only for your own use. Your own accounting system, or for prospect management, or to record your receipes, or whatever. Criteria: a) it has to be built for your own use, b) it has to actually work, c) even though it works it has to be pretty ugly!
03/01/2019 Tracie and Jay Oken are the owners of the successful Alpha Anywhere-based SaaS business <a target="_blank" href="">MySchoolAnywhere</a>. They have presented at our webinars many times and we are pleased to have them back to talk about recent events with their SaaS business.
02/22/2019 Expert Developer Glen Schild will showcase his latest work building a "template" for Alpha Anywhere to make daily development work easier.
02/20/2019 Alpha Anywhere Orientation and Training Event - a quick run through everything important: installation, configuration, security framework, database connection, grid components, UX components, etc. One hour training followed by Q&A. This is a live dry run for a weekly free training series for our members that will cover all aspects of Alpha Anywhere and Transform development, CSS, HTML, Javascript, basic and advanced programming skills.
02/15/2019 AlwaysUp - If you are deploying web or mobile applications you have likely heard of or are using AlwaysUp. Well, the owner and designer of AlwaysUp will be our presentor at this webniar along with several Alpha developers with experience using AlwaysUp.
02/08/2019 Alpha integration with Quickbooks - Did you know with a simple ODBC driver you have full access to the Quickbooks database? With this in hand you can integrate your Alpha application with Quickbooks - generate invoices, get information on Customers or past due amounts, etc.
02/01/2019 Developer Showcase Event - At this webinar, we will take a look at what I personally think is one of the most efficient and aesthetically appealing web applications built in Alpha Anywhere (and I have seen hundreds of applications.) This one has had a recent overhaul with a focus on consistent navigation, effective user experience, and simple yet pleasing attention to color and fonts.
01/25/2019 About the IADN website. Although not the most advanced Alpha "application", IADN.COM is without a doubt the most advanced <u>company website</u> written in Alpha Anywhere. We will look at the Administrative section, how we manage content, users, membership, payment and many other features.
01/18/2019 Techical session - using Argument in a UX component and reports.
01/11/2019 Open discussion - plans for 2019. What's new in our industry and what do we need in order to prosper in 2019 and beyond?
12/21/2018 Sean O'Kelly on Mobile CMS (followed by Open Agena - Suggestion: Discuss goals for 2019, holiday plans, etc.)
12/14/2018 Discuss new Alpha Features as presented by Selwyn Wed Nov 28 (or any other new feature).
12/07/2018 Alpha Anywhere Mobile Topics - Panel Cards, Panel Navigator, List Control, and The Control Bar
11/30/2018 Alpha Anywhere Xbasic Topics - basics, SQL integration, arguments, etc.
11/23/2018 Open Aganda - no predefined schedule. Bring up any topic, bring a tech issue, etc.
11/16/2018 Open Agenda, any topic. We are especially looking for developers using the "Form View" (a UX control) for this meeting.
11/09/2018 IADN Product and Resource Showcase - a review of all of the products and training material provided by IADN including the Alpha Load Balancer, Web Application Framework, CKEditor Integration, Shopping Cart, and CAPTCHA, and also face-to-face Classroom Training and Printed Training Material.
11/08/2018 Improving UX Design | 1-day series | Click <a href="store.a5w?item=TR_UX_DESIGN">here</a> for more info
11/02/2018 Alpha Software Conference wrapup (with special guest from Alpha Software) - what happened, who was there, what was discussed, what is new and how does it affect us?
11/01/2018 Migrating To Mobile | 1-day series | Click <a href="store.a5w?item=TR_MIGRATING_TO_MOBILE">here</a> for more info
10/29/2018 Advanced Topics Concepts | 5-day series | Click <a href="store.a5w?item=TR_ADVANCED_TOPICS">here</a> for more info
10/26/2018 Alpha Transform Developer Showcases and Case Studies - see how other developers have deployed Transform apps. We will include how to get data from the "Transform database" to our selected SQL database. Also a quick review of Zapier, a workflow tool integrated with Transform.
10/25/2018 A Thursday Business Discussion - how do we extend our business, find new customers, etc.
10/15/2018 Developers Course | 5-day series | Click <a href="store.a5w?item=TR_DEVELOPERS_COURSE">here</a> for more info
10/09/2018 Our GoToMeeting will be up and running for the duration of the Alpha DevCon 2018 confeence. Check in anytime from Tuesday evening through Friday affternoon. The "WHEN" date set this event should be <u>roughly</u> from late Tuesday Oct 9 through late Friday October 12.
09/28/2018 Pre-Alpha Software Conference Topics - we will discuss material that will be presented in the alpha DevCon 2018 and Post Conference Training, October 10th - 12th, 2018. <a target="_blank" href="">Here is the conference agenda</a>. Join us whether you are attending the conference or not.
09/21/2018 Pre-Alpha Software Conference Topics - we will discuss material that will be presented in the alpha DevCon 2018 and Post Conference Training, October 10th - 12th, 2018. <a target="_blank" href="">Here is the conference agenda</a>. Join us whether you are attending the conference or not.
09/14/2018 Business Analytics - Guest presenters. Featuring <a target="_blank" href="">Microsoft Power BI</a>
09/07/2018 All about Blockchain and how it might affect Alpha Anywhere developers and users. Read <a target="_blank" href="">this</a> article.
08/31/2018 PayPal Integration for Shopping Cart and Subscription (using the "Payments Standard" API).
08/24/2018 Technical Focus - Action Javascript and Server-side events in the UX Component (e.g., Perform a server-side callbacks from a UX List Control, Field, or Button <--> and Executing Client-Side Javascript from a Server-Side event)
08/17/2018 Technical Focus - Using Navicat (database management tool) and AlwaysUp (runs the Alpha web server as a service)
08/10/2018 Developer Showcase - Review a new SaaS application called "KwikAlert" built in Alpha Anywhere.
08/03/2018 Business Focus - how to build a business as an Independent Developer
07/27/2018 Showcase Event | See a new product by Steve Wood called IMON as in "I am On". Plus a discussion about a new section on IADN for Special Interest Groups.
07/20/2018 No agenda, open forum and discussion
07/13/2018 Showcase Event | Review the IADN.COM website
07/06/2018 Xbasic Functions in UX Controls
06/22/2018 Showcase Event | Multiple applications by different Alpha developers
06/15/2018 CSS - Grids to Build Responsive Websites and Using CSS for Website Style
06/01/2018 Using Sphnix for MariaDB to drastically improve searches on large databases
05/31/2018 Review the AlphaToGo Web App Framework (User Mamagement, Content Management, Security, Registration, etc.)
05/25/2018 Review Database Engines - MySQL, MSSQL, SSMS, Navicat, etc. If we have time, some reporting tools.
05/11/2018 Review New Alpha Anywhere Release (REST API, SQL Audit)
05/10/2018 Q&A session for AlphaToGo Web Application Framework
05/04/2018 Mobile App Showcase and Review
04/27/2018 All About the Alpha Web Server - best practices, configuration, load balancing, etc.
04/20/2018 Alpha Anywhere "TransForm" Product with Guest Speaker from Alpha Software
04/18/2018 Australia/New Zealand/Philippines Timezone Meeting<br>
* Wednesday, April 18th at 5:00 PM Pacific Coast Time (PDT)<br>
* Wednesday, April 18th at 8:00 PM East Coast Time (EDT)<br>
* Thursday, April 19th at 1:00 AM London Time (BST)<br>
* Thursday, April 19th at 8:00 AM Perth/Manila Time (AUD/PHP)<br>
* Thursday, April 19th at 10:00 AM Sydney Time (AEST)<br>
* Thursday, April 19th at Noon Auckland Time (NZST)
04/13/2018 Common Software Development Tools
04/06/2018 Open Agenda
03/30/2018 Using Multimedia to promote your business
03/23/2018 The Alpha Anywhere ViewBox control
03/16/2018 Content Management, a Blog Example and an Online Spreadsheet.
03/09/2018 Web User Management, Password Reset, Double Opt-In Registration
02/23/2018 Technical - Show Us Your Work! Various developers will show their latest projects with a focus on technique.
02/16/2018 Developer Tom Brondolo - Weekly Task Time Management using UX Component
02/09/2018 Developer Glen Schild - UX component "panel cards" can be used inside a traditional Tabbed UI interface -- panels are not just for mobile applications!
02/02/2018 Review a UX component as a control center for report management
01/19/2018 Review Upcoming IADN Training Workshops. Dicsuss training content (mobile, UX, web, desktop, etc)
01/12/2018 Showcase TBD
01/05/2018 Open session. No agenda. Come discuss the previous and new year!
12/22/2017 Open Session, Any Topic e.g., Net Neutrality
12/15/2017 2nd SaaS Showcase and Business Discussion
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