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About Us

The Independent Application Developers Network is a professional membership organization dedicated to the prosperity and well being of all independent software developers, their corporate 'citizen' developer cousins, and the clients that they serve. Our membership also includes representatives of various software development platforms, mentors and other stakeholders or service providers. 

Our Mission

  • Provide meaningful products and services to all members.
  • Connect business owners with the best software developers, designers and database consultants in the world.
  • Vet, classify and certify our developer membership so our business owner visitors can be sure of their choice.
  • Provide peer training, custom and group training and mentoring for all members.
  • Provide a home for all Independent Developers where they may perfect their craft and grow their business.

Our Membership

  • A core group of "pre-qualified Developers" who have been vetted by IADN management as 'experts' both with their respective software platform and with significant project management experience, capable of handling both large and small business projects.
  • A larger group of members with various levels of skill, who are actively building their development skills.

Supported Platforms

We support the software development platforms used by our membership. Here is a list of the ones we focus on currently:
  • Alpha Anywhere
  • Caspio
  • Microsoft Access
  • OutSystems
  • Mendix
  • Kony