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Benefits for Software Developers

  • Build your online profile - make yourself more accessible to companies looking for qualified Alpha developers.
  • Gain access to quality technical and business education.
  • Network and strategize with other professional developers.
  • Options for health insurance, dental, retirement plans, etc.
  • Put together a team of "backup developers" to reduce risk for your clients.
  • Get recognized by the Alpha Developers Network and your peers for your quality work.

Benefits for Businesses looking for Developers

  • Search for Alpha Anywhere developers - we use strict criteria to show our Qualified Developers have the technical and business skill to mange your software development project, or to provide mentoring and training services.
  • Don't just submit a project request - manage the life of your project with our online Project and Issues Management.
  • Review of your software application project - initial consultation is free.
  • Build your own profile as a "consumer of services" so we can learn more about your needs and better server you over time.

"Qualified Developer" Member Requirements*

  • A minimum of two years providing software solutions using Alpha Five/Alpha Anywhere as your primary platform.
  • A minimum of three software projects completed for different clients.
  • Must currently be delivering solutions using Alpha version 11 or 12 (latest).
  • Must be an Independent Software Developer or an individual developer within a larger organization.
  • Must provide two letters of recommendation by recent clients.
  • Must submit two recent Alpha-based applications for review.

It takes about three weeks to get approved as an IADN Qualified Developer.

*IADN may accept or reject any request for Qualified Developer Member status.

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