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Professional Services

Application Development and Programming

New Software Application Projects

  • New Mobile Application
  • New Desktop Browser Application
  • New Responsive Web Application
  • New Windows GUI Desktop Application

Short-Term Programming Assignments

  • Our developers can provide rapid turnaround on short-term programming assignments, get you going fast.

Application Migration

  • Migrate from a DBF-based application to a SQL-based application
  • Migrate from an older version of Alpha to the latest version of Alpha Anywhere
  • Migrate from a different platform (Access, Foxpro, etc.) to Alpha Anywhere
  • Migrate to the Alpha IIS version and/or Alpha Cloud
  • Migrate from any version of Alpha to a different platform (Angular, .NET, OutSystems, etc.)


  • Generate Help Documentation (example)

Mentoring and Training

  • All of our developers are capable of providing top-notch mentoring and/or training on a broad range of subjects.

Server and Application Support

Ongoing Support

We can assign a primary and backup developer to be "on-call" to support your application. Support includes up to 24/7 immediate response to emergencies and perform periodic system maintenance.
  • Security Audit - bring your secure application to the highest security grade, plus period security checks to ensure your application data is properly protected.
  • Onsite and remote immediate support.
  • Telephone and email support for questions concerning your application.
  • Maintenance contracts - keep your application running smooth, at the latest version of Alpha and related software.


  • Advanced and custom Alpha security models
  • Advanced user registration and subscription models
  • Auth0, OAuth, and LDAP or Active Directory-based security
  • SSL and related security Certificates

3rd Party and API

  • Sparkpost and Mandrill Email Processing
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Various Shopping Carts
  • PayPal Purchase and Subscription


Database Expertise

  • SQL: MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, Sybase, Oracle, ODBC
  • NoSQL: MongoDB
  • Omnidex (ultra fast database indexing) from www.disc.com

Cloud and Database Expertise

  • Amazon Cloud, Alpha Cloud
  • Big Data processing