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ZebraHost - Web hosting and support
ZebraHost is a leading hosting and technology consulting company which specializes in disaster recovery, backup and migration solutions. Since its founding in 2000, ZebraHost has continuously expanded its server management solutions and now has servers in data centers worldwide.
SEO Consulting Service
Meredith G. Loos is a professional content marketer who specializes in SEO integration. Meredith provides a variety of content marketing services, including SEO campaign strategy, social media marketing, blogging and SEM advertising. Meredith is also experienced in Wordpress website development and management, and works to increase the visibility of her clients in the online space.
Navicat - SQL Database Navigation
IADN has applied* to be a reseller of the entire suite of PremiumSoft Navicat database admin tools. Navicat is an industry leader in GUI-based tools for developing queries in every major database engine, including Oracle, MariaDB, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. It is particularly powerful as a replacement for native server management tools, providing a more streamlined interface and toolset.
MariaDB Database
IADN has applied* to be a reseller of MariaDB. MariaDB is the fastest growing Open Source database with more than 12 million users worldwide. It is the database of choice to power applications at companies like booking.com, HP, Virgin Mobile and Wikipedia. MariaDB is secure at the enterprise-level, highly reliable and trusted by the world’s leading brands. Its extensible, modern architecture at every layer in the database allows for flexible configuration that supports both traditional and emerging enterprise use cases.
Freelancers Union gives independent workers a powerful voice through policy advocacy, research, and thought leadership. We aim to ensure that independent contractors receive adequate rights, protections and professional benefits. Members of Freelancers Union play an active role in leading community initiatives and advocacy campaigns. We’re a community that looks out for one another – and we’re only as strong as our members.
*Full reseller status expected January 2018.