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Ira J. Perlow
Computer Systems Design & Associates
Waltham, MA United States
Est.: 1984

Overview: Computer Systems Design & Associates provides support in Alpha database design and programming since 1995. We provide mentoring, training and application design, as well as Xbasic coding and application debug. Our specialty is creating complex XBasic functions for use in your applications, and enhancing applications for speed. The CSDA Code Utility is an example of 15000+ lines of highly optimized XBasic code to help developers in Alpha. We have created 1000's of functions that perform operations like geocoding, barcoding, RFID support, and yet are simple to incorporate into applications. Many of our functions are highly advanced (faster, and more features) versions than Alpha's built in functions (e.g. 3x faster text sorts) We have been using Alpha Software's database products since 1986 and for those still using Alpha Four, we still provide support, including conversions to Alpha.

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Services Offered:Discussion, Mentoring, Programming, Training
Alpha Version(s):Alpha Anywhere (V12), A5V11, A5V10, A5V9, A5V8, A5V7, V4
Other Platforms:Assembly, Fortran, Cobol, Algol, PL-1
Business Expertise:Speeding up Applications, Alpha 5 Data recovery, Barcoding, RFID, Geo-coding, Utilities
Types of Projects:Desktop, Hybrid, Web
Backend Databases:SQL
Professional Associations:IEEE
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