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Title: Alpha Developers Network (IADN)
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Membership
Description: The website that you are viewing right now! This is a professional association application, professional Alpha Anywhere software developers in this case. Used to attract clients and a bring together those interested in improving our business environment.
Alpha Developers Network (IADN)
Title: Alpha Portal
Developer:Start Software
Category: Customer Relationship

The Alpha Portal enables customers of a leading asbestos consultancy to access their data and documents via the web.

Written in Alpha Anywhere, the system is mobile-friendly and enables asbestos reports and asbestos sample data to be access from any web-connected device (desktop browser, smartphone or tablet).

Alpha Portal
Title: Alpha Tracker
Developer:Start Software
Category: Environmental
Description: Alpha Tracker is the latest incarnation of Tracker, the UK's leading system for environmental and asbestos consultancies.
Alpha Tracker is a web-based system developed in Alpha Anwhere and SQL Server enabling environmental consultancies to manage all aspects of their business, including:
  • customer and contact management
  • quotations and proposals
  • order processing
  • project and job tracking
  • scheduling (linked to Google calendars)
  • on-site data capture
  • lab data entry
  • automated report production into Word and PDF
  • invoicing including links to Sage.
Alpha Tracker is easy to use, fast and very flexible making it suitable for all environmental, asbestos and health-and-safety consultanies.
Alpha Tracker
Title: Alpha Web Application Framework
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Alpha Utility
Description: This is the foundation application for ALL of my web applications.
It provides for User Management, Security, Web Application Setup, Content Management, Event Management, and has features such as auto-purging of inactive users, and the ability to 'shut off' the website from any browser. Visit the AlphaToGo Framework information site.
Alpha Web Application Framework
Title: AlphaToGo Website
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Websites
Description: My own company website. Designed as a showcase for my work and software development capabilities. The website was built using my own AlphaToGo Framework. And used to enhance that same template for resale. I was the very first Alpha user to have my own website built using Alpha Anywhere.
AlphaToGo Website
Title: Artist's Database
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Art
Description: This application is designed for the prolific artist. It tracks paintings, sketches, and other artwork. The application stores digital images of artwork - including progress paintings and drawings along with detailed information. It also tracks exhibition history and venues, painting locales, art sales & income, judging history, live model's schedule, and art organization(s) membership roles, among other features.
Artist's Database
Title: Asset Management & Work Orders
Developer:Programmatic Technologies, LLC
Category: Work Order
Description: Asset management and inventory control. Maintenance and work order tracking.
Asset Management & Work Orders
Title: Attorneys Trust Service
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Legal
Description: A fully online document ordering system. Used by a Living Trust production house, collects data from clients, interfaces with attorneys and planners, takes payment and delivers final documents.
Attorneys Trust Service
Title: Auto Appraisal form
Developer:Talbott Associates, LLC.
Category: Automotive
Description: This application creates and tracks information to allow the user to create a complete automobile appraisal. Includes the ability to add photos and print out  a thorough report. Also includes a complete contact database, with tickler file.
Auto Appraisal form
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Utilities
Description: An Alpha-based CAPTCHA Module using obscured fonts over distracting background images. Used in Contact Us forms, Registration and other high-traffic spam prone areas. This product is for sale at AlphaToGo.
Title: Catering and Steward's Rental System
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Real Estate
Description: This is an online rental equipment/services system designed for a steward supply company. It allows party organizers to place their order online, receive product, coordinate return and deal with damaged merchandize.
Catering and Steward's Rental System
Title: CKEditor Integration for Alpha Anywhere
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Alpha Utility
Description: A "drop in" module for other Alpha Anywhere developers. Provide a superior HTML Editor for all text area objects. This is the award winning open-source editor named CKEditor. I added special Alpha-only functionality to make it very easy to control size, color, toolbar set, etc. I use this in every application I build.
CKEditor Integration for Alpha Anywhere
Title: CSDA DiagInfo for Alpha Anywhere (free*)
Developer:Computer Systems Design & Associates
Category: Alpha Utility

The CSDA DiagInfo is a FREE* Diagnostic Information Utility for Alpha Five and Q Report Builder. It reports on hardware, operating system, and Alpha Five/QReport Builder information and Alpha speed benchmarks for analyzing the environment of a Desktop or Web application to debug problems and for bug reporting. Optionally, it can email the results, along with problem categorization. Some of the info returned includes:

  • Windows info, folder locations, User Account Control (UAC) settings
  • Windows Opportunistic Locking and caching settings
  • Hardware info including motherboard, CPU, Memory, BIOS & Writeable Drives
  • Alpha Anywhere info including Version, folders, libraries (AEX), Feature Packs, Speed Info, Last Code Error info, global code object counts, Boot timing, key Database Properties/Settings
  • QReportBuilder info
  • Alpha Current Workspace, Database,  Table, Set, Web Project info
  • Alpha Five Master/Shadow (Network Optimization) info
  • CSDA Code Utility settings
Compatible with Alpha Version 6 and up.
*Free for individual usage (including businesses)
Available for purchase for distribution with applications.

For more info see CSDA Diag Info
CSDA DiagInfo for Alpha Anywhere (free*)
Title: Customer Support Portal
Developer:Start Software
Category: Customer Service
Description: Our own customer support portal has been coded entirely within Alpha Anywhere.
The portal allows customer to:
  • log and confirm quotes
  • log and chase support calls
  • view their ongoing projects
  • view their invoices received
  • request help and support.
The support portal is a fundamental part of our Alpha Tracker system, a comprehensive "ERP" or workflow management system for all types of businesses.
Customer Support Portal
Title: Demo Fleet Manager
Developer:Eagle Dbase Solutions LLC
Category: Sales
Description: Web based application for a company that sells farming equipment.  Prospective buyers may wish to demo the equipment for evaluation purposes before making a purchase.  This application, which runs on the company intranet, tracks the equipment available for demo as well as scheduling the release and return of the equipment.
Demo Fleet Manager
Title: Dental Billing Application
Developer:Eagle Dbase Solutions LLC
Category: Accounting
Description: Application to record dental services provided to medicare patients residing in nursing homes.  This application is also used to bill medicare, by means of claims letters, for compensation of services provided.
Dental Billing Application
Title: DIMES
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Non Profit
Description: Massive online system for managing a significant portion of non-profit administration of Activities for disadvantaged children. Provides Activity Scheduling and Management, Funding Sources and Donors, Online Activity Enrollment, online Employment Enrollment, online Tutor Program Enrollment -- each of those enrollments have a rigorous duplication removal process. Includes Tutor Requests, Tutoring Management and Assessment (State, Country, Region and Custom Learning Standards). Includes Personnel Management and Certification. Includes K12, PreK and Teacher Utilities (including mandatory data uploads for evaluation). Includes some of the most complicated reports, charts and graphs I have designed.
Title: Distributor Application
Developer:Talbott Associates, LLC.
Category: Health Care
Description: The application is user friendly for all, including the computer novice, because all the screens are easily navigated and organized in the manner in which a typical dietary manager works. No more hours upon hours of complicated system set up. With Dietary Manager®, you will be up and running within hours using our pre-configured data entry tables. You receive all of the management functions-not just tray cards-for a fraction of the cost of other products.

The suite of functions provided by this food service management software gives you:

  • Patient / resident data, with hard card and selective menu formats
  • Menu development and recipes
  • Vendor and invoice management
  • Inventory and purchasing management
  • Invoice tracking
  • Staff scheduling management and staff data
  • Function and requisition management and tracking
  • CCRS meal tracking
Distributor Application
Title: DNA Matching for Crime Scene Analysis
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Law Enforcement
Description: This application takes DNA Matches from a main frame application and prepares them for viewing by police, district attorney and others. Effectively shows all matches to a given DNA swab across multiple non-associated events. Used in court cases to convict criminals and by police to follow up on potential crime scene leads.
DNA Matching for Crime Scene Analysis
Title: Donor Funding Management
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Non Profit
Description: Simple donor management system. Built early in career and now outdated.
Donor Funding Management
Title: E-TruckBiz
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Automotive
Description: A system to manage the daily transportation management for truckers. The bulk of the application was written by the company owner, while I focused on special utilities to send reminders and survey questions to truckers in order to clear them for driving, and provide continuing education.
Title: eDocumentVault
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Accounting
Description: Large scale, multi-tier online bill payment. Used by an Invoice Fulfillment company so their 100+ customers can receive payment from their thousands of customers. Challenges were the complex XML exchange with the payment gateway. This a very early application for AlphaToGo and this screenshot does not do it justice.
Title: Engineer’s Plan Scaler
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Engineering
Description: This mini-app allows the land surveyor or civil engineer to dimension drawings and compute drawing scale, sheet size, useable sheet area, total number of sheets required, etc. based upon either 2 or 3 variable user defined constraints.
Engineer’s Plan Scaler
Title: eTraffic Citation
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Law Enforcement
Description: The first fully online Traffic Citation system. Written for officers to use in their patrol cars over an internet connection. Streamlines ticket issuing and creates instant record at centralized server location. Fortunately I do not believe this concept took hold and no one is issuing tickets using my system.
eTraffic Citation
Title: Generic "drop in" Shopping Cart Module
Developer:AlphaToGo, LLC
Category: Shopping Cart
Description: This is a shopping cart module designed to "drop in" to an existing Alpha application. It is sold to other Alpha Anywhere developers who need a ready-made shopping cart. It is designed for electronic download items such as software, documents, memberships. It has a complete integration with PayPal which includes receiving transaction information back from PayPal to update local records (confirming that the user did in fact pay for the items before processing the order).
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